The human mind is often in fear of itself. The nakedness of the body as a sensation of disinheritance, accompanied by the erotic act, is like that of an execution. Our own eroticism can (strike us with ‘horror’.) ‘horrify’ us. The use of the erotic has been questionable since the first days of Christianity and, as such, considered undesirable. If the erotic has no use, what is the purpose of it then? The Church has played another of its dirty games. But the erotic, as an unavoidable part of human existence, has been present since the beginning of (consciousness about the transitory nature) awareness of the transience of life, of death and of human existence itself and has always been an inexhaustible territory of human curiosity, exploration and volition.
In the field of emotions, the erotic (reaches its peak through humanness) made pinnacle of the human and as a means of communication it addresses all the mystique of mutual necessities. All freedoms are involved here; there is no cheating because the erotic presents itself to us as an absolute of pure ecstasy (in harmony) within its own unity (itself). Such erotic communication reminds us that we can always be independent, creative protagonists of ourselves. That is why when a naked woman addresses an audience she points to the necessity of an elementary, primeval relationship with one’s own body. Because conscious and full observation of self is what brings us into a state of harmony; the divine; (that which the whole of humanity is searching for) to what all humanity strives.
Casual passers-by and voyeurs, to whom the possibility of inventiveness is offered, cannot pass indifferently by, because the idea is to provoke the emotional-visual potential of each individual.

Vlasta Delimar CV

Visual and performance artist.
Born in 1956 in Zagreb, Croatia. 1977 graduated from The School of Applied Arts in Zagreb.
Studied History of Art and Ethnology. Membership at Croatian Association of Artists and Croatian Freelance Artists Association. She is an Art Manager of the Art organization ”My Earth, Štaglinec“ and organizer of International festival of performance in Štaglinec. She doesn’t support identification or belonging to any ideology, political way or religion. She supports human rights, freedom of individuality, respect of the different and ecology.
She worked in Belgrade, Belfast, Berlin, Bologna, Budapest, Bydgoszczt, Buffalo, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Graz, Kassel, Klagenfurt, Kyoto, London, Lyon, Ljubljana, Nagano, New York, Odense, Paris, Pittsburgh, Quebec, Prague, Sarajevo, Sydney, St. Petersburg, Thessaloniki, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Trieste, Uppsala, Vienna, Weimar, Zagreb.....